The Journey of Perseverance That Saw The EOS Lip Balm Rise To Command The Market

There was a time in history that getting a good lip balm was not a walk in the park. The shapes and flavors were limited and only drug stores and small supermarkets stocked the lip balms. It is only seven years ago that the market experienced a fresh feel. EOS lip balm was taking over the market by a storm. Big retails shops started stocking it and celebrities could be spotted flaunting the new found sensation. The product started gracing fashion and beauty magazine covers. That success did not happen overnight as the founders revealed.

Where It Started

Almost 10 years ago, Sanjiv Mehra who had previous experience with Unilever and PepsiCo joined forces with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, who had experience of growing startups to come up with a product that would revolutionize the beauty industry. After analyzing the market, they realized a gap in lip balms, and that’s how the EOS lip balm idea was birthed. They did a market research on potential consumers and took note on how they desired the lip balm to look and feel. Armed with the findings, they created the best brand that was tailor-made to meet the customers’ demands regarding shape, taste, smell, orbs color and packaging. The product also incorporated organic ingredients and priced it at $3 to compete with the existing brands. The final product was the lip balm that makes you smile as manifested in the tagline they picked.

Finding a Standing

Consumers were, however, skeptical in accepting the new product and so getting a place on the shelves was not easy. Due to the feminine design, male consumers shied off. Their luck came when a female buyer loved the product, Walmart, Ulta, Target and Kohls followed soon after. They also decided to invest in a production equipment and facility, which gave them a competitive edge. The brand turned out to be a household name in just seven years by using beauty bloggers, celebrities, social media, and strategic partnerships as marketing tools.


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