Success Academy – Foundation of Charter School Movement

The Success Academy is really making great strides. They have won a prestigious award, and they are starting an online platform that provides their literacy curriculum ranging from kindergarten to the fourth grade.


They won the 2017 Broad Prize from The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation. They were one of three finalists.


The Foundation of the Charter School Movement


With Success Academy’s online platform, it reaches the heart of the matter that is the founding principles of the charter school movement over 25 years ago. The founding principle of the charter school network is to use approaches to education and share the learned lessons with the community of broader education. Their focus has also been on improving student literacy which is the foundation of their success.


More Details about the New Online Platform


Their new site consists of planning templates, how to videos, specific lesson plans, and book recommendations. The lesson plans are presented step by step, and they are started with the THINK Literacy curriculum of the network. Additionally, the Education Institute is made to house the Success Academy curricula eventually in math, humanities, and science.


Teachers will be introduced throughout the country to the their mantra. They are also planning to open a facility for teacher training in the fall at the Hudson Yards in Manhattan. They will also be a students’ lab school ranging from kindergarten through the eighth grade at the Hudson Yards in the fall. Also, around 15,000 educators throughout the country have already received emails promoting this new online platform.


The Current Demographics of Success Academy


Out of 14,000 students, 76 percent of them come from low income households. Also, 93 percent of their students are Hispanic or African-American. On the other hand, their elementary and middle level schools ranked among the the highest 10 percent of campuses throughout the state for English, science, and math tests last year.