Jana Messerschmidt: An Investor Who Empowers Women

Jana Messerschmidt is an American tech entrepreneur who contributed a lot to the growth of companies like Twitter and Netflix. She is regarded as one of the best business managers in the tech industry, and her skills in managing a business can be attributed to her openness to learning new things. Jana Messerschmidt graduated from the University of Illinois, taking up a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After she graduated from the university in 2001, she immediately looked for a job where she can use her degree. Her first job was with Accompany and served as the firm’s advisor. She later transferred to DivX and worked as the company’s senior manager handling global accounts. She worked at DivX for three years and later transferred to Netflix in 2009.

This is where the real challenge began, as Jana Messerschmidt needed to use her skills to promote Netflix on a global audience. As the director for business development, one of her strategies was to utilize her skills in technology and allowed the streaming platform to gain more downloads. For almost two years, all she has to do is to promote Netflix, and her hard work paid off as Netflix has become one of the most in-demand video streaming services on the planet. She later transferred to Twitter and worked as their vice president for global business development. One of her roles at the microblogging and social media website was to look after Twitter’s business interests and recommend ways on how to improve the social media website. She left Twitter after six years and took on a different career path as an investor for Lightspeed Venture Partners. People curious about her life search Jana Lightspeed on search engines, and they found out that the Jana Lightspeed they are searching for is actually someone who influences others to become successful on their own.

Investing in Lightspeed Venture Partners is one of the best decisions made by Jana Messerschmidt, as she was able to make more money by investing, and she also had the time to look after #ANGELS, an organization that she set up in 2015. Through her investments with Lightspeed Venture Partners and her role in #ANGELS, she believes that her message for women empowerment will be felt across the globe.

Female Hair Care – Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean is a popular hair stylist located in Los Angeles, California. His career began within an admiration for photography, and it rapidly transpired into hair care. Then, he moved into creating hair care product lines, in which now today has been formed into a successful Hair Care Brand named WEN. Dean’s unique technique of creating cleansers that at the same time provide hydration, basically a 2-in-1 product, made it even easier for his QVC sold products to become commendable.

In fact, LA stylist Chaz Dean has done something that most cair care brands do not do. His cleansing conditioner is a 5 in 1 solution, and is a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and a leave-in conditioner in just one bottle. It consists of sweet almond mint, and has been tested on actual female human hair (not animals) and what they had to say about the product was phenomenal. Within three weeks of the women testing the products out on their hair, all of them said it was more moisturized, more than 90% could tell their hair was shinier and more than 95% noticed their hair was easier to manage and tamable this time.

Although, the cleanser is a 5 in 1 product, and your hair can accomplish all of its needs with this one product, Dean does have other products to give even more life to lifeless hair that has extreme damage. According to wikipedia.org, this four-step process is cleanse, boost, style and treat method. The booster is a nourishing mousse to boost your hair with volume, shine and a touchable hold. The styler is an anti-frizz cream to eliminate any frizz and creates a silky, soft style. Then, the treatment smoothes and softens the hair with additional moisture. WEN Hair Care definitely can put any kind of tangled, dry and traumatized hair into a calm, peaceful, luxurious paradise, and Deans products prove that in every step of the way.


How TMS Health Solutions Is Helping Northern California’s Clinical Depression Sufferers

TMS Health Solutions is a team that is committed to treating its patients’ in the most effective way when it comes to clinical depression, and the team will stop at nothing to pursue this mission. Dr. Richard Bermudes is the powerful leader of TMS Health Solutions, and it was more than a decade ago, in 2007, that the public first gained access to this team’s services. Northern California is the place of operation for TMS Health Solutions, and there currently are locations in both Oakland and Sacramento at which individuals can receive the most modern and innovative of treatments around for clinical depression sufferers. There is truly a life-changing business model at play here.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Dr. Bermudes, the industry has seen TMS Therapy become one of the treatment leaders today. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is what TMS Health Solutions actually stands for, and the FDA gave these procedures its seal of approval long ago. Since then, numerous TMS patients have been able to benefit from this type of clinical depression treatment option, and the relief has been incredibly consistent. If you are wondering why it is that TMS Health Solutions is able to offer such extremely effective treatments for a condition that many find to be hopeless, then keep reading to find out.

Individuals who have the misfortune of clinical depression typically exhibit limited activity in the brain’s ever-important frontal lobe. This underactivity in this portion of the brain can have disastrous implications for those who are affected by it. Luckily, though, TMS has a special technology that can stimulate this piece of the human brain, which is a bit larger than a coin or poker chip, with magnetic pulses. This process initiates activity in the area, and provides relief through a very valid from of treatment. When several of these magnetic stimulation sessions are combined with traditional therapy, the results often amaze.

Check: https://tmshealthsolutions.com/service/

Herbalife Nutrition Proves Major Blood Boost To Red Cross

Herbalife Nutrition is donating 280,000 of its Protein Deluxe bars to Red Cross centers across the United States. The bars provide a welcome nutritional and hemoglobin boost after people give blood. Value of the donation is about $500,000, Herbalife officials said.


It’s the fourth consecutive year Herbalife Nutrition has made a nutrition bar donation to the Red Cross, although the relationship between the company and the Red Cross goes back decades. For example, Herbalife nutrition has organized more than 50 blood drives at its business locations, including corporate headquarters in Los Angeles and its distribution center in Carson, California. It did the same at two Herbalife manufacturing facilities in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and Forest Lake, California.

Additionally, a Herbalife Nutrition blood mobile van in Southern California is credited with saving some 25,000 lives per year.

Herbalife was established in 1980 in Los Angeles by company founder Mark Hughes. The company operates on a multi-level marketing model and sells dietary supplements, weight management products, sports nutrition foods and drinks, as well as personal care products. It employs approximately 8,000 people globally and has a network of more than 3 million distributors.

Because of the large number of employees and distributors associated with Herbalife Nutrition, the company is well positioned to make a significant contribution to efforts such as the Red Cross blood drive. The company is able to enlist the volunteer efforts of literally millions of people to fill a gigantic need. The number of lives saved or assisted is beyond calculation over the lifetime of Herbalife blood drive activities.

The Red Cross is deeply grateful for the kind of help that Herbalife Nutrition can bring. That’s because Red Cross officials report, over the past four years, the overall number of active blood donors has declined by 80,000 people. At the same time, someone in America needs a blood transfusion every two seconds. That translates to 43,200 people a day who need a blood transfusion.

In June and July of 2018, Herbalife helped the Red Cross with a special project called the “Missing Types Campaign.” The program draws attention to three types of blood that are in special demand — types A, B and O. All three are critically low. Herbalife Nutrition participated in an advertising and promotional push that encouraged more people of these types to come out and give blood.

The Herbalife Nutrition ongoing cooperation with Red Cross blood drives represents one of the most enduring and productive campaigns in the United States.





Rebel Wilson a Transformer Who Made It

Rebel with a cause might be the best way to describe the Pitch Perfect scene-stealing Fat Amy also known as Rebel Wilson. As her name implies this rebel has risen from obscurity to success by pushing hard against the pitfalls of obesity, fame, and wealth to become not only one of the hardest working women in show business but an inspiration to many. Her infectious smile has won over the hearts of fans all over the world.

Born on the ghetto side of Sydney, Australia, Rebel Wilson was raised under the loving care and tutelage of professional Beagle-breeder parents, who early on saw their daughter’s potential and talent and encouraged it by enrolling her in a community acting class.

The once shy and timid girl used membership in debate clubs to help develop a personality that is now recognized as the Rebel Wilson we’ve all come to know and love. Participation at the behest of her high school drama teacher in Tournament of Minds, a creative competition that features different creative segments in performance and improvisation, also helped pull her out of her shell. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Attending an all -girls Christian high school encouraged Wilson to go after the career she wanted and helped mold her into the consummate performer that she is. She got a glimpse of who she would become while working for Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program when she was seventeen. While working in South Africa, Wilson was bitten by a mosquito and contracted malaria; while feverish she had a dream about winning an Oscar. It was then that she was bitten by the acting bug.

Upon returning home and attending University of New South Wales and the Australian Theater for Young People, Rebel Wilson not only found her place on the stage, but she also formulated the calling card that would introduce her to Hollywood. Simply put it was the idea that fat is funny and that people find it very easy to laugh at big girls.

Rebel Wilson is different, and as she shared in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan “being unique and different was a really good thing.” An atypical rising Hollywood starlet, Wilson early on refused to compete with the glamours or gorgeous people of Hollywood. She instead chose to be about the brain, the heart, and the soul. When those three attributes are emphasized, it doesn’t matter what your body type is.

It is that body type that is now being heralded as Rebel Wilson’s stunning transformation. Rebel Wilson has been a big girl all her life. She in fact is often quoted as saying her weight made her successful. Now she realizes she doesn’t need to be that once unique plus size girl to make it in the movie industry. A slimmer more curve conscious actress is what Wilson’s fans now see. Wilson accomplished her weight loss being faithful to a regimen that included diet and exercise. The popular actress is now a more healthier one too.

Malcolm CasSelle and his Platform WAX

Malcolm CasSelle has had a huge impact on the world of business. An entrepreneur and investor, CasSelle has played a huge role in many businesses. Currently he is the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). During his two decades as an entrepreneur CasSelle has played a major role in several companies. He has also invested his time and money in well-known brands like Facebook and Bitcoin.

Before his career in business CasSelle studied at the well-Known This is a good article.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He later went on to earn a masters degree in computer science from Stanford University. This education prepared CasSelle for his career. In the mid 1990’s he worked as co-founded of the CTO of NetNoir. Just three years later he served as the senior vice president and advisor to the CEO at Pacific Century CyberWorks. From 2006-2013 Malcolm CasSelle the director of Capital Union Investments. At this position CasSelle managed private direct investments and turned them into web companies.

Malcolm CasSelle is well known for his role as president at WAX. This platform is changing the way people look at gaming. WAX is a platform that enables users to control a virtual marketplace. This control comes without any investment in security or payment processing. The same minds that created OPSkins are responsible for WAX. The platform severs more than four hundred million uses allowing them to buy and sell in game items.

CasSelle has high praise for WAX. When speaking of the platform CasSelle was quoted as saying “It is a platform like no other for the video gaming world. ” The platform itself represents a major change in the structure of video gaming. WAX uses an online currency called WAX Tokens which allow virtual goods to be exchanged. Now millions of traders to create their own virtual stores along with providing instant payments and security. CasSelle is convinced that WAX is a much better system than anything else on the market. The platform appears set to change gaming for many years to come.

The Role of Oren Frank at Talkspace

The organization is becoming popular among more people with time due to its innovative therapy solutions. Unlike in the past where you had to be physically present for a therapist to offer their services, Talkspace offers a platform where you can get the help of a professional clinician through a video call. To ensure the achievement of its objectives, the company hired a chief medical officer called Neil Leibowitz. He previously worked at UnitedHealth where he acted as the firm’s senior medical director. The management hopes to transform the firm from private to public by conducting an IPO.

Talkspace has several packages for the clients and they vary in terms of cost. For a weekly fee of $79, a person can talk to a professional therapist online. If you prefer messaging, you will be required to pay $49. According to the company’s CEO, Oren Frank, Talkspace has served more than one million clients since its inception. The annual revenue has been increasing gradually and currently stands at tens of millions of dollars. Follow Oren Frank on his Twitter

The physicians at Talkspace are expected to start prescribing medicine for the patients. According to the firm’s CEO, both state and federal laws will be followed in prescribing any medication. Before joining Talkspace, Oren Frank worked as an executive officer in various insurance organizations. His experience in the corporate world is expected to help in growing the company. Mr. Frank revealed that most clients prefer the messaging service to contact a therapist.

Oren Frank uses various platforms to share his knowledge and increase awareness on mental health. One of the articles that he published on his Twitter account was a recap of a medical report that was prepared by the Lancet Commission. According to the article, the number of people being diagnosed with various mental disorders is increasing globally. By 2030, the mental disorders are expected to cost the global economy a whopping $16 trillion.

Learn more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-the-therapist-will-whatsapp-you-now-1.5466160

About Neurocore

The human body has been one of the biggest motivators in almost all scientific projects. If the research is not about a cure to a certain human illness, it is towards making the world better for the human body. Even with tons of research done, being done and yet to be done, the fascination with the human brain is remarkable. The human brain still remains a huge mystery to scientists and the world at large. One of the studies that are quite promising when it comes to understanding the human brain is electroencephalogram or EEG. EEG utilizes the notion that the brain used electrical impulses to communicate with the rest of the body and its surroundings. Through electroencephalogram, scientific institutions have a higher chance of uncovering the mystery in our brains. One such institution is Neurocore. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore is a brain performance oriented research institute. The institute specializes in studying the brain, extracting data and using to treat brain-related disorders like anxiety, ASD, depression, ADHD and other mental disorders. Through Neurotherapy and qEEG, Neurocore has made major improvements and achieved remarkable success in managing ADHD amongst children and adults. In qEEG, electrodes, noninvasive discs, are placed on the scalp of the patient under test and then the results, in form of waves, are observed on a computer monitor. These results are indicative of electrical impulses classified as brain activities. Using the results, Neurocore is able to compare with other patients or people in the same gender and age and come up with a plan for that particular individual. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The history of Neurocore.

Since the institute was founded in 2004, it has helped a large number of people manage stress, improve mental acuity, manage mental disorders and manage sleep disorders. The facility applies Neurotherapy, neurofeedback, and biofeedback in its units, nine in Michigan and Florida, to conduct and administer it’s treatments. Recently, athletes and other franchises have started using Neurocore’s neurofeedback program in their training exercises. They understand that improved brain functionalities improve other organ’s functionalities.

In the fourteen years of operation, Neurocore has become a national authority in managing mental disorders through the application Neuroscience. It has helped its patients enhance their minds without the need for medication. It is amongst the scientific institute’s that have ushered Neuroscience into the 21st century.

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Jeremy Goldstein an Attorney with a Heart of Giving

Jeremy Goldstein, an Attorney by professional, is passionate about helping the mentally ill patient regain back their health. Goldstein as part of his philanthropic activities hosted a wine dinner alongside Jim Finkel and Omar Khan in support of Fountain House. Fountain House is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping the mentally ill patients recover and rebuild their lives.

Mental illness has lately become an issue of concern globally as t is estimated that more than 450 million people all over the world are either directly or indirectly affected by mental illness. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: https://www.resumonk.com/Rf4O8IjkZGGkJ1jqlTIPqA

Fountain House was founded in the year 1944 by six mentally ill patients at Rockland State Hospital based in Orangeburg, New York. The original name for Fountain House was “We Are Not Alone” a name that depicted the struggles and loneliness mentally ill patient go through even today.

Fountain House has been in existence for more than seven decades offering significant support to people living with mental illness. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House and Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

The leadership team at Fountain House has been very pivotal in ensuring that the organization achieves its set objectives. Jeremy Goldstein is part of the leadership team and serves as a board member. Goldstein together with other innovative leaders leads a series of initiatives and programs that go a long way in helping the mentally ill people become active members of the community.

Some of the initiatives and programs that are organized by Fountain House include advocacy, conducting community health program and developing research-based innovative programs on mental illness recovery among others.

Jeremy runs Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates. The law firm specializes in offering advisory services to top CEO’s, businesses and management teams. Besides actively running the law firm Goldstein serves as the chairman of the sub-committee of mergers and acquisitions in the American Bar Associations.

Jeremy Goldstein is an alumnus of New York University where he pursued a J.D degree. Goldstein also holds a B.A degree from Cornell University and an M.A from the University of Chicago.

Waiakea Water-Much more then your average bottle of water!

In an article on affiliatedork.com, dated August 28th of 2018, the company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Bottled Water was featured as an unique and “game changer” in the bottled water business. This company isn’t just another company putting bottle water on shelves; it is changing the industry in many positive ways. The company was founded to “create positive change for the environment and people in need all over the world.”

Some of the innovative ways this company is changing the business in a positive and Eco-friendly way are as follows. Waiakea Water is the first Carbon-Neutral certified bottled water company in the United States. For every liter that is purchased, the company donates one week of clean water through an initiative known as “Pump Aid.” Pump Aid provides clean drinking water to those primarily in Africa, especially the country of Malawi in Africa. Clean drinking water is extremely difficult to find in rural Malawi and through companies like Waiakea Water, that is becoming possible which saves many lives!

Not only is this company helping “Pump Aid” but also is donating a portion of their profits to the Kama’aha Education Initiative” in Hawaii. This helps Native Hawaiians succeed in many different aspects of education in the core subjects.

Waiakea is truly “hawaiian volcanic water” because the source of the water comes from the eastern end of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The self sustaining aquifer impact to the environment is limited and has volcanic water benefits as it uses 33 percent renewable energy.

Some of the biggest positive impacts this company provides in that every bottle of drinking water is 100% RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) RPET uses 85% less energy, 90% less water and 90% fewer carbon emission. All bottles are also BPA free. Not only have the accomplished these feats but they are currently working in 2018 to make fully recyclable and naturally degradable bottles!

Ultimately, this company isn’t about just making profits from filling shelves at the store. It is a company that is changing the bottle water business in its manufacturing process and educational initiatives. It is helping to protect the environment and providing profits to provide clean drinking water to those in Africa and around the world. All bottle water companies should strive to become like the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Bottled Water!