Nathaniel Ru, Mr. Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru was just a regular student at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C., trying to find a good and healthy place to eat. Fast forward six years and he is now the founder of Sweetgreen, a healthy restaurant chain offering farm to table locally grown salads.


Mr. Ru runs a down to earth company that caters and listens to its customers and its employees. This recipe for running a business is proving successful. It has always been about more than salads for Nathaniel Ru.


In each of the 21 Sweetgreen kitchens you will find the way each member on the Sweetgreen team filters any decision. First is the idea that the customer, community, and the company all have a stake in Sweetgreen. Each one helps and promotes the other, in turn creating momentum throughout each. This is listed as win, win, win on the value’s board. Next up is the fact that at Sweetgreen, all decisions are to be for the long term. In the words of Mr. Ru, “Everything you do should last longer than you.” Thinking long term helps everyone involved and promotes better decisions. Third on the list is to keep it real. From employees to where he buys his vegetables, authenticity and quality are key. Next to last is adding the sweet to Sweetgreen. The employees treat the customers and business associates like they want to be treated. This idea of giving 110% in every circumstance makes people feel good about eating there and creates a positive experience.  Nothing but good can come from treating others well and being helpful. Last on the board of values is togetherness. Every restaurant is a team that works together and help each other. They like what they do and why they do it, which is how Sweetgreen and Nathaniel Ru are making an impact everywhere they open a new and unique store.


Ru believes each of his stores strive to live up to the 5 core company values listed above. By always serving the community, keeping it all down to earth, and treating customers, employees, and associates well, this salad mixture is sure to grow even more.

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