How TMS Health Solutions Is Helping Northern California’s Clinical Depression Sufferers

TMS Health Solutions is a team that is committed to treating its patients’ in the most effective way when it comes to clinical depression, and the team will stop at nothing to pursue this mission. Dr. Richard Bermudes is the powerful leader of TMS Health Solutions, and it was more than a decade ago, in 2007, that the public first gained access to this team’s services. Northern California is the place of operation for TMS Health Solutions, and there currently are locations in both Oakland and Sacramento at which individuals can receive the most modern and innovative of treatments around for clinical depression sufferers. There is truly a life-changing business model at play here.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Dr. Bermudes, the industry has seen TMS Therapy become one of the treatment leaders today. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is what TMS Health Solutions actually stands for, and the FDA gave these procedures its seal of approval long ago. Since then, numerous TMS patients have been able to benefit from this type of clinical depression treatment option, and the relief has been incredibly consistent. If you are wondering why it is that TMS Health Solutions is able to offer such extremely effective treatments for a condition that many find to be hopeless, then keep reading to find out.

Individuals who have the misfortune of clinical depression typically exhibit limited activity in the brain’s ever-important frontal lobe. This underactivity in this portion of the brain can have disastrous implications for those who are affected by it. Luckily, though, TMS has a special technology that can stimulate this piece of the human brain, which is a bit larger than a coin or poker chip, with magnetic pulses. This process initiates activity in the area, and provides relief through a very valid from of treatment. When several of these magnetic stimulation sessions are combined with traditional therapy, the results often amaze.