Here’s Who Susan McGalla Is

Susan McGalla is the creator of P3 Executive Consulting, a consultancy group that provides its meaningful, expert insights into to businesses in the fashion business, where she currently serves as president. She also worked for none other than the Pittsburgh Steelers – the legendary National Football Team that’s taken home a whopping six Super Bowl titles – as the team’s Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Ms. Susan McGalla has also worked for other companies in high-ranking executive positions over the past decade.

McGalla is humble when it comes to being a woman and a leader

In an interview with the popular press release news source PR Newswire, she was asked about her ideology behind being a woman in the world of business from the perspective that women don’t often climb to the top of corporate ladders’ ranks. Susan McGalla shared that “[her] angle on this in my career was not to ‘break the glass ceiling” … I never carried a chip on my shoulder.”

Just thinking that a woman could go so far in the world of business without thinking about the so-called glass ceiling almost seems like a pipe dream. However, Ms. Susan McGalla proved her potential and has since helped countless women, in turn, get farther than she had.

Her career

Ms. McGalla certainly didn’t start her career at the top of the aforementioned proverbial corporate ladder, though Susan unarguably ended up on top of it.

Her first job came with the now-dead department store network Joseph Horne Company, after which she moved to American Eagle Outfitters. Though Ms. Susan McGalla started off at American Eagle as nothing more than one of many divisional merchandise buyers, she earned the rank of President and Chief Merchandise Officer.

Susan’s last job in fashion came as the CEO of Wet Seal.

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  1. People will always say different things about someone, but Susan McGalla has won the heart of many. Many women who have the opportunity of leading in organizations or in their personal businesses have become a thorn on their employee. Even Relationship Starters Blog reviewed Susan’s consultancy group which has helped many businesses in the fashion industry take a good shape.

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