EOS Lip Balm Did Things Right

EOS lip balms provide a new, refreshing way to keep your lips smooth, soft, and looking their best. These all-natural lip balms are paraben-free, contain shea butter and jojoba oil for extra smoothness, and are dermatologist tested for your safety. The lip balm is fun and exciting, with a unique appearance thanks to an orb shaped container holding the product. And, the flavors are delightful, a true pleasure from the boring original and (many years later) Cherry flavors Chapstick offers. These qualities, combined with an affordable price, helped Evolution of Smooth become one of the biggest names in beauty just seven years after their lip balm first hit the shelves of a Walgreens pharmacy. Today, EOS products are available online on Amazon and eBay, http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.

Chapstick was the leading lip balm for more than 100 years. But, in that time, the product remained the same. There were no new flavors, and the brand seemed unconcerned with the harsh ingredients used in their lip balm product. Parabens, BHT, and other synthetics are known harmful ingredients, and all are found in Chapstick lip balms. EOS jumped on the opportunity to give the lip balm world a breath of fresh air. The brand used many marketing techniques to reach their audience, and listened with care and concern when people explained what they wanted in their lip balm. The result is a brand that now ranks as the second-top lip balm brand in the U.S., with sells exceeding more than one-million units weekly. EOS sells more balms per week than both Chapstick and Blistex! Visit the EOS Facebook page for more information.

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