Check Out Mr. Harry Harrison

Barclays PLC felt forced to divest a substantial portion of its assets in 2014, effectively slicing its lowest-performing securities by assigning them to the now-defunct subsidiary of Barclays Non-Core. Harry Harrison, the head of Barclays Non-Core, was selected by the bank’s executives to lead the dump-off of then-failing assets, a position that he maintained until Barclays Non-Core divested all of what were formerly Barclays PLC’s securities.

From there, Harry Harrison officially retired from Barclays. The long-time financial services industry standout moved to New York, New York, after over 24 years spent with Barclays PLC.

He’s proud to be married to his budding financial services industry sector star of a wife, Amy Nauiokas. Ms. Nauiokas is best known for founding Anthemis Group, a member of the digital financial investment services advising world.

About a month ago, Harry Harrison cleared precious time from his busy memo to start living more. For the majority of his life, Mr. Harrison has primarily concerned himself with working hard and long. Now, Harry Harrison spends more time hanging out with his grandchildren, other family members, and kids.

However, he also likes to get out as often as he can. Harry Harrison is clearly not looking for an ounce of work right now. It’s safe to say that Barclays loves to pay its high-ranking employees well. It’s said that Mr. Harrison might not ever have to work again.

One thing that helps him be more successful than others is being strongly resistant to extra long to-do lists.