All About Logan Stout

     Logan Stout is an accomplished philanthropist, business owner, best selling author, leadership trainer, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He has been able to generate billions throughout his career, he has been able to gain credible track record on team building, leadership, and the success principles which not only helps him in driving his ventures but also makes him most sought especially after keynote speakers worldwide.

He is mostly venturing his business in health and wellness area. Since launching in 2014 of IDLife, LLC, it has grown exponentially together with the partners like Troy Aikman, a celebrity trainer Widerstrom and Darwin Deason the billionaire. They have been joined together by the recognized national authors and fitness ambassadors. They are aiming at educating people to know the health and wellness importance and also provide the high-quality nutritious products. IDlife was named in 2016 as one of the Solid Top MLM where it was ranked in top 100 companies in the world.

Logan Stout partnered with a motivational speaker John C. Maxwell where they were aiming to bring personal development and leadership training in 196 countries in the world. According to Maxwell, he says that Logan’s success will always speak for itself. People should read and implement what his books say because it will have added value to their life if they read, absorb and utilize the principles.

He also founded Dallas Patriots a baseball organization where the main focus is leading and mentoring the youth. It is among the world largest organization where the selected team’s ages between six through eighteen years. They are provided with world-class instructors and coaches. They train and mentor all graduates from Dallas Patriots and have been able to get an opportunity to play for colleges and mostly are picked by MLB yearly.

He has been making appearances on radio, television and live events. Many publications have featured him like Philadelphia Life Magazine, The New York Times, The Dallas Morning together with other various media outlets and prints.

Logan Stout is a family man and together with his partner, they have been blessed with two sons. They are currently residing in Frisco, Texas.



Bob Reina: He Sees The Real You

So many people go through life and they feel like others are not seeing them the right way. People might have a certain image of them or a certain idea, but they don’t see who the person really is, at the end of the day. They have dreams, ambitions, and big ideas. There is a lot more to them than meets the eye. That is why what Bob Reina is doing with Talk Fusion is truly exceptional, rare, and life changing. It is allowing people to be seen for who they really are, and that is one of the greatest gifts that one can get out of life.


It starts by joining Talk Fusion and having someone start up their own business. When they start up their own business, it allows the individual to be creative and have some fun along the way. When they have an outlet to show off a different side of their personality, people are going to respond to it, relate to it, and want to be part of it. They are going to love it, as a matter of fact. People are very good at being able to tell what is really going on with someone and how he or she is truly feeling inside.


Everyone has dreams and everyone has goals. However, it all depends on if someone follows through with them and actually does them or not. A lot of people go to their graves and they never have shown the world the best version of who they are, which is the side that is not afraid to let loose, have fun, and be real. A lot of people are afraid to be real because they worry about the backlash they might receive from others. They might be open to judgment or criticism. Learn more:


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion embrace everything that is different about someone. They love the fact that no two people are alike. They think that is what makes each and every person special and worthwhile in life. Once the person starts to see it and believe it, great things can come from it.


The Key Ingredients That Makes Heal N Soothe Highly Effective

     Heal N Sooth is a herbal supplement that can help to speed up the recovery and reduce the joint pain at the same time. It is highly effective because of the natural ingredients combination that comes with many health benefits.

Bellow is a list of ingredients that gives Heal N Sooth its capability.

Proteolytic enzymes

These are enzymes that help in fighting inflammation, dissolve scar tissues and even boost your cardiovascular, immune and respiratory system.


Bromelain is extracted from pineapple and contains the proteolytic enzymes that help in reduction of pain in the body. After extensive studies it has been shown to have numerous health benefit which includes reducing inflammation, preventing swelling and removing toxins and waste from the bloodstream.

Turmeric extract

This extract has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of ailments. It is shown to reduce pain by blocking enzymes that are responsible for creating pain. Turmeric is also a powerful antioxidant that helps in destroying of free radicals that contribute to pain.


Papain contains a reasonable amount of proteolytic enzymes and helps to break down proteins. It also helps in boosting immune and attacking tumor cells.

Devil’s claw

This is a useful natural pain reliever that has been used for thousands of years in Africa. Studies have shown that it can be very effective when it comes to treating of arthritis pain because of iridoids the anti-inflammatory compounds.


Rutin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is commonly found in many fruits and plants. Its antioxidant effects have many health benefits in the body.

Ginger extract

This is a pain and inflammation reduction extract that has been used for years in Asia. Ginger reduces prostaglandins that are responsible for causing pain in the body.


Boswellia Extract

This is a pain and inflammation reducing extract that has been widely used in Indian medicine. Its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory has been proved in addition to the assisting of healthy blood circulatory.

Mojave Yucca Root

The Mojave Yucca Root has many health benefits which include Muscle spasms Reduction, migraine relief, skin condition treatment, digestion problem treatment, wound healing among others.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

This is a powerful antioxidant and helps in the absorption of vitamins. They also inhibit the enzymes that are responsible for the connective tissue breakdown leaving your joints and ligaments healthy.

With all these ingredients Heal N Sooth can be great for individuals looking for healthy joints, natural reduction of pain and inflammation, and support immune cardiovascular and respiratory.


You may learn more at


Nathaniel Ru, Mr. Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru was just a regular student at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C., trying to find a good and healthy place to eat. Fast forward six years and he is now the founder of Sweetgreen, a healthy restaurant chain offering farm to table locally grown salads.


Mr. Ru runs a down to earth company that caters and listens to its customers and its employees. This recipe for running a business is proving successful. It has always been about more than salads for Nathaniel Ru.


In each of the 21 Sweetgreen kitchens you will find the way each member on the Sweetgreen team filters any decision. First is the idea that the customer, community, and the company all have a stake in Sweetgreen. Each one helps and promotes the other, in turn creating momentum throughout each. This is listed as win, win, win on the value’s board. Next up is the fact that at Sweetgreen, all decisions are to be for the long term. In the words of Mr. Ru, “Everything you do should last longer than you.” Thinking long term helps everyone involved and promotes better decisions. Third on the list is to keep it real. From employees to where he buys his vegetables, authenticity and quality are key. Next to last is adding the sweet to Sweetgreen. The employees treat the customers and business associates like they want to be treated. This idea of giving 110% in every circumstance makes people feel good about eating there and creates a positive experience.  Nothing but good can come from treating others well and being helpful. Last on the board of values is togetherness. Every restaurant is a team that works together and help each other. They like what they do and why they do it, which is how Sweetgreen and Nathaniel Ru are making an impact everywhere they open a new and unique store.


Ru believes each of his stores strive to live up to the 5 core company values listed above. By always serving the community, keeping it all down to earth, and treating customers, employees, and associates well, this salad mixture is sure to grow even more.