The Change that Dedicated PACs can Bring to the Society

The just concluded general elections were full of their high points and low points. There are countless lessons that people can learn from the entire process, but the most important lesson is that the power to change the systems that govern the people lies in the people. Countless political action committees started the election period with the goal of backing candidates of their choice, both financially and socially, and one of these groups was the End Citizens United PAC. Citizens United is legislation that was put in place in 2010, and which has allowed super PAC to meddle in politics.


When the campaign cycle was starting, the group had $2million in funds that they had raised towards their cause, which the group distributed to various candidates in their campaign of the time. Their first goal was to increase the funding so they could support more candidates. They increased their funding to more than $30million and most of their candidates got the seats they wanted. Now that the elections are over, the group is looking into the next frontier for them. Richard Carbo, the CEO of the group, has indicated that they want to try and make the Supreme Court amend the constitution to do away with Super PACs.


The legislation that they want to be overturned is the 2010 Citizens United PAC bill. The group claims that the law has led to a lot of dirty money finding its way into politics, something that affects the eventual outcome of the polls and consequently, the lives of the American people. They believe that groups such as the Koch Brothers have been interfering with the politics, which is affecting the lives of Americans. Richard Carbo, the leader of the group, acknowledged the fact that what they were trying to do was a little bit too ambitious, but he also added that there was the need for steps to be taken to help the general public understand the processes of the Supreme Court better.


The legislation in question has made it possible for American billionaires to spend untraceable amounts of money in the political processes that are in line with their personal agendas. End Citizens United is a flawed law which is leading to Corporation’s expenditure in an environment where there is no transparency and accountability. The PAC has done their best to ensure that the candidates they supported were all pro-reform.


They have also been using their membership at the grass root level to show the extent of their influence and eventually, overturn the Citizens United Legislation. Many analysts feel like this dream is far-fetched for the PAC, but with the right number of signatures, they might just beat the odds and make history.