Securus Technologies Wants to Eliminate Crime

Securus Technologies is an acclaimed firm that focuses on technology. It focuses on technology that strengthens criminal and civil justice matters significantly. This is a company that aims to enhance monitoring, corrections, investigations and public safety processes of all varieties. The business recently showed the public remarks from its customers. These remarks related to technology applications that can potentially stop crimes. Crimes that occur between incarcerated individuals are a big issue for facilities located all around the United States and world. Securus Technologies recognizes the need to take intelligent action to combat that.


Richard A. Smith is Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. People tend to call him Rick. He stated that the company generally makes a brand new service or product on a weekly basis. Its offerings assist corrections and law enforcement professionals. Taking care of criminal activities can be tough on people who work in corrections and law enforcement. Securus Technologies doesn’t want that to be the case anymore. Smith revealed that Securus Technologies gets countless emails and letters from people who are familiar with its services and products. These forms of communication praise the firm’s actions. They go into the perks Securus Technologies gives to society in general as well. Securus Technologies aids parolees, family members and incarcerated persons overall. The company aids people who work in corrections facilities of all types, too.


People who work in correctional centers often live in fear of inmates who exhibit questionable behavior on a frequent basis. Securus Technologies’ plentiful offerings can give them extra peace of mind. This Dallas, Texas business tends to thousands of centers all around the large North American continent. It tries to streamline correctional environments in many ways. It tries to give inmates and staff members settings that are predictable, consistent, productive and completely safe.


How We Use Securus Technologies to Make a Prison System Safer

Unless you have been inside a prison recently, you can not imagine how dangerous conditions can be. Not only are the cells overcrowded, you have inmates from rival gangs who will stop at nothing to make sure they get the respect they think they deserve, while also marking and maintaining the territory within the jail. This goes on 24-hours a day, and my team of corrections officers are only in the jail up to 12-hours each day. The inmates have many advantages that have us on the defensive each minute we work.


One of the ways that we try to keep things orderly is keeping drugs and weapons out of the hands of those inmates. To accomplish this, we have to focus our efforts first in the visitor center, where contraband can easily be passed from one guest to an inmate. Our physical presence plus the scanning equipment available does put a dent in their efforts, but doesn’t eliminate the threat. Cell searches are daily, but these inmates have become quite crafty in keeping things out of sight.


We commissioned Securus Technologies last year to upgrade our inmate call monitoring system, and it has already helped us to maintain more order in our facility. The LBS software scans the calls the inmates are making, allowing my team to continue our efforts elsewhere while the software listens and alerts us if chatter concerning illegal activities surfaces.


When inmates are asking visitors to sneak in drugs, we take action, When inmates are bragging on the phone about doing drugs in their cells, we strike fast.


When inmates are trying to talk in code about a hit on another inmate or an officer, we are able to get ahead of the problem and eliminate the threat without putting anyone in harm’s way now.


Securus Technologies and the Battle on Drugs in Prison

When you have inmates telling you that they can easily get drugs inside the jail, then the prison as a whole is failing. Drugs might seem like only recreational in nature, but the truth is they put the lives of officers, inmates, staff, and visitors, in harm’s way. To battle the war on drugs inside our jail, me and my fellow officers have a few different resources we will use each day to clean up the problem.


Each day we will set up inside the visitor center and search each inmate and guest during their time together. This is the most likely place where things will change hands, so we have to really step up our efforts here. If we can stop the flow of drugs at this choke point, then it is less likely the inmates will have the ability to use, sell, and buy drugs in the jail. We will even do surprise cell inspections to try and locate any of the drugs that still slipped into the hands of the inmates that they are hiding from my team.


When Securus Technologies installed their call monitoring system inside our prison, it became the top resource we have in the battle on stopping the flow of drugs in the jail. This company has one objective, making the world a little safer place to life. We trust them because CEO Richard Smith says all 1,000 of his employees are dedicated to that objective, making those 2,600 units in jails around the country operate perfectly.


Now when we get alerts from the LBS software, we can identify where inmates are hiding drugs in their cells, who is bringing them drugs to the prison, and which inmates are being forced to sell drugs for gangs to other inmates. In each case, we take swift action.


Press Releases on GTL Wrongdoings by Securus

Securus Technologies will in a series of reports, findings, articles and facts highlight some of the integrity breaches that GTL engaged in while it provided inmate communications to Louisiana Corrections Department. Securus Technologies is a company that offers solutions in technology to both the civil and criminal justice for the monitoring, investigation, public safety and corrections. This press release will go down in history as the first ever in the series of the other anticipated press releases to highlight the GTL wrongdoings and integrity breaches.


The Securus Technologies CEO, Richard A. Smith, stated his displeasure with the actions that GTL took as it had stooped too low than the bar of integrity expected from the industry players. This first series will largely depend on Order No. U-20784-B ordered by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. The order was in respect of the investigations on the conduct of GTL when it provided services to the Louisiana Corrections Department.


Investigations showed that GTL had its telephone clocks programmed in a way that added 15 or 36 seconds to all call durations.  The company also inflated the total telephone charges by adding extra charges to the already rated calls. GTL was also involved in double billing calls practices. This led to GTL overcharging the Louisiana taxpayers a total of $1,243,000.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, TX and provides services to over 2600 law enforcement, corrections and public safety agencies. In North America, it serves over 1,000,000 inmates. Securus Technologies is driven by its belief of connecting what matters and it does this by ensuring its commitment towards connecting and serving its customers.