Malcolm CasSelle and his Platform WAX

Malcolm CasSelle has had a huge impact on the world of business. An entrepreneur and investor, CasSelle has played a huge role in many businesses. Currently he is the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). During his two decades as an entrepreneur CasSelle has played a major role in several companies. He has also invested his time and money in well-known brands like Facebook and Bitcoin.

Before his career in business CasSelle studied at the well-Known This is a good article.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He later went on to earn a masters degree in computer science from Stanford University. This education prepared CasSelle for his career. In the mid 1990’s he worked as co-founded of the CTO of NetNoir. Just three years later he served as the senior vice president and advisor to the CEO at Pacific Century CyberWorks. From 2006-2013 Malcolm CasSelle the director of Capital Union Investments. At this position CasSelle managed private direct investments and turned them into web companies.

Malcolm CasSelle is well known for his role as president at WAX. This platform is changing the way people look at gaming. WAX is a platform that enables users to control a virtual marketplace. This control comes without any investment in security or payment processing. The same minds that created OPSkins are responsible for WAX. The platform severs more than four hundred million uses allowing them to buy and sell in game items.

CasSelle has high praise for WAX. When speaking of the platform CasSelle was quoted as saying “It is a platform like no other for the video gaming world. ” The platform itself represents a major change in the structure of video gaming. WAX uses an online currency called WAX Tokens which allow virtual goods to be exchanged. Now millions of traders to create their own virtual stores along with providing instant payments and security. CasSelle is convinced that WAX is a much better system than anything else on the market. The platform appears set to change gaming for many years to come.

Ambassador Daniel Taub, Israeli Speaks

On his first encounter with the queen, Daniel Taub submitted his credentials. Bowing low, Daniel Taub handed the queen the papers that declared him as the newly elected ambassador for the state of Israel. From the look of the attire he wore, there was also a different message conveyed. Daniel Taub wore the morning tailcoat and striped trousers with shiny shoes. On top of that his newly cut hair indicates a badge of office.

The conveyed information from the looks of his dressing was that born in the year 1962, and as a diplomat, he was not meant to be changed from his orthodox beliefs as a Jew. Aware of this stand, the queen understood that Daniel Taub was giving up his British citizenship. The queen just asked Daniel Taub of the feeling that he had in presenting his country which he had migrated about thirty years back.

Daniel Taub disclosed the feeling of privilege that he had by raising his children in their native homeland especially after being exiled for about two thousand years. Daniel Taub is also so appreciative of the privilege and opportunity he got in Britain with his family and moreover of bringing the two countries close again.

Daniel Taub said that the Jewish community was much aware his departure and was sorry to let him go. Daniel Taub is considered as a very much successful person since the time of Shlomo Argov. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

At all times including the times of crisis, Daniel Taub has always been present in putting Israel in the government issues and talking to the media and on programmers. Israel has not been in a tag of war with the Britain as Daniel Taub puts it. In fact, from the academic to the joint research that the two countries have been involved in addition to the strategic cooperation, the two countries have been working together.

Daniel Taub admits that it is a good feeling to have the two countries relating well and strongly just as they have always been.

For Israel, a Middle East country to be in such a peaceful relation is a big thing. Especially in this time that the Middle East is undergoing dramatic change and longs on ways in which they can work together in harmony to realized changes together. THE ISRAELI-BRITAIN relation has been achieved in the midst of the crisis the Middle East faces. Daniel Taub is sure of the turmoil the Middle East is in.