The Reason Behind The Explosive Growth Of Waiakea

A Star Comes Out Of Nowhere

Waiakea is a success story no one could have predicted. Bottled water simply isn’t a business that many newcomers find themselves welcome in. Young entrepreneurs with little experience in business and little capital to start with will find it especially difficult to navigate the industry, but this is exactly what Ryan Emmons has done.

His startup Waiakea Water is changing everything we know about bottled water and creating a new industry in its wake. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

The Success Story Of Our Times

Crunchbase said that the success of Waiakea water is undeniable. In a matter of 3 years the company has expanded by 4000% in one of the most stagnant industries around. There simply aren’t many success stories that resemble Waiakea.

Bottled water companies in recent years have seen considerable damage to their reputation. Many companies simply take city tap water and filter it but attempt to pass it off as if it were in fact derived from a natural source. Fortunately, Ryan Emmons receives all of the water he bottles directly from volcanic springs in his home state of Hawaii.

Drinking For Your Health

According to Specialty Food, the appeal of Waiakea water is the health benefits that the water offers. You can receive various vital minerals and other nutrients from Waiakea such as calcium and magnesium. Additionally, there is also the benefit of the silica content of Waiakea water.

Silica is common in the volcanic water of Hawaii and it carries with it a number of health benefits that just about everyone can enjoy. Silica can help fight ALzheimer’s Disease and other serious cognitive diseases. Ryan Emmons understands that bottled water consumers are heavily fixated on their health. He is offering them a product specially designed with their interests in mind.

Serving A Better Purpose

Forbes reported to us that Waiakea water is more than another attempt at a money grab. Emmons has a strong desire to make the world a better place and he understands how to do it using his brand. Waiakea contributes heavily to efforts to improve the drinking water of those living in developing countries.

Clean drinking water is one of the most essential aspects of life, but not everyone has access to it and some of us find ourselves unable to find any source. The work that Ryan Emmons is doing is a step in the right direction and will give the Waiakea name clout for years to come.