How Richard Blair is Helping Investors

Wealth Solutions is a reputable investment advisory firm that is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has been in the market for a while, and it operates as one of the Registered Investment Advisory companies in the country. The private corporation provides its clients with tip services that allow them to grow financially. Wealth Solutions also ensures that the client and their assets are protected at all times. Richard Blair is the founder and chief executive officer of Wealth Solutions. He is highly experienced and also qualified to handle all the complex demands of his customers. Learn more:


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions follows a unique financial planning process to make his customers grow. The respectable investment manager understands that all the investors need a great plan that will enable them to pursue to accomplish their financial goals. The businessman has worked hard to arm Texas, Austin and other communities with the wealth management solutions and retirement solutions they need.


Wealth Solutions has developed a unique three pillar approach to accomplish its mission. The method allows the successful company to discover the financial situations of the clients and the retirement needs they have. This makes it easier to come up with the holistic plan that is customized for the needs of the client. Learn more:


The first pillar at Wealth Solutions is designed to assist the customer in laying their financial roadmap. The pillar will help in identifying the customer goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. When the company understands where the consumer is coming from, it becomes easy to help them create a perfect financial roadmap to follow in their journey.


The second pillar is used correctly to come up with the long-term strategy that will meet all the investment needs of the consumer. The pillar is designed according to the customer liquidity requirements, not forgetting their investment goals. Richard Blair ensures that he reallocates and also manages the assets of his clients so that he can come up with a maximum performance when the market is stable.


The final pillar is fundamental in the whole process. When Richard and his team realize the goals of the client and establish the strategies they need to achieve them, it is time to meet the insurance needs. This is basically the long-term care, insurance and annuities connected to the investment.


Richard Blair and his firm are transforming the lives of many investors in the country. By offering financial services and advice to small businesses, individuals and families, Richard Blair ensures that the dream of his clients is achieved.

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Jim Tananbaum Contributes towards Mindstrong’s Objective Method of Treating Mental Disorders

Mindstrong Health, a firm using smartphones to diagnose and treat brain disorders has raised $14 million in Serie-A funding. The amount was raised from several organizations including Foresite Capita, Optum Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Berggruen Holdings, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund.

According to the founder and CEO of Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagum, this technology holds a great potential of revolutionizing mental health treatment procedures. Dagum stated that the mental health sector had been left behind as diagnosis and treatment in other health related fields are objective and not subjective like for the case of mental disorders. He further stated that the only way to improve mental health treatment and diagnosis could be through the introduction of objective measures similar to other diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

On his side, Foresite Capital CEO and managing director, Jim Tananbaum praised Mindstrong Health for developing this cutting-edge technology, which represents a breakthrough for patients with cognitive health disorders.

What You Need to Know about Mindstrong’s Platform

Mindstrong Health platform helps in monitoring interaction on smartphones to support neuropsychiatric treatment. The platform utilizes patients’ patterns of typing and scrolling on a Smartphone to gauge brain functioning. Through typing and scrolling, information about mood, processing speed, function and memory among other cognition biomarkers can be obtained. Visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum in Brief

Jim Tanabaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Management. Over his career, Jim has successfully led over 21 healthcare firms including Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Over the years, Tanabaum has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills in start-ups, venture capital, and biotechnology. Recently, Jim was named by Forbes in the 2017 Midas List of top 100 venture capital investors. Under his leadership, Foresite Capital Management has established the best practices of investing in healthcare.

To achieve such a spectacular milestone, one should have a rich educational background, and Dr. Tanabaum is no exceptional. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science from Yale University. He later earned a master’s degree in information theory from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jim then joined Harvard University where he received a doctor of medicine degree and later an MBA from the same university.

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Mike Heiligenstein’s Way of Handling Traffic Congestion in Austin

Mike Heiligenstein is one of the renowned administrators in the Texas region. He was once the county commissioner of the Williamson County. Mr. Heiligenstein schooled at the University of Texas where he completed his undergraduate and the master’s degrees. He has been an employee of the Central Texas Region Mobility Authority since 2003 when he was hired to be the executive director. Mike still leads the company and has assisted it in bettering the roads in Texas. CTRMA is one of the government-owned firms in the region, and it is devoted to improving the road networks in Williamson and Travis counties.


Heiligenstein wrote an opinion article in the Statesman to discuss how the population of Austin increases each year and its impact on traffic congestion in Austin. CTRMA has been utilizing top-notch civil engineering techniques in bettering the state of highways in the region. It has completed lanes that are used by pedestrians and cyclists in different places that they were not available.


Various roads that are in the Travis and Williamson counties have been modernized by CTRMA. The organization headed the construction of the 183A toll road, which has significantly bettered mobility between Leander and Cedar Park. It also assisted in reducing traffic congestion between Austin and Manor by completing the U.S 290 toll road. The highway is wider than the non-toll roads, and it can be used by about thrice the number of vehicles that the other roads can accommodate. Another success of the Mobility Authority is the improvement of the MoPac Express Lanes. The latest technology has been utilized by CTRMA in the completion of the highway. One of the amazing innovations that have been used on the roads is the fiber lines that can detect traffic offenders.


CTRMA has also been working with private organizations to address the traffic congestion issue. It has been working closely with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization so as to make the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) a success. HERO’s primary role is to offer mechanical support to motorists whose vehicles break down on the main highways. The firm has also been promoting ride sharing by collaborating with Carma, which a popular carpooling application. CTRMA worked with Metropolia in developing software that offers traffic updates to road users. The mobile application is very effective since its connected to the area’s traffic management program. CTRMA is devoted to being innovative in all it projects.


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Hussain Sajwani – Man with a Vision in the Real Estate Sector

Hussain Sajwani is known as the tycoon in the real estate development sector in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has made a prominent space for himself in the world of real estates, and his firm has grown to become a legendary developer in the country.

Damac Properties has developed numerous properties in Dubai and continues to develop many new and ultra modern properties in the country. Hussain Sajwani has helped in ways more than one to ensure that the company continues to grow at a consistent pace over the years. His leadership skills are known well in the real estate development sector.

Hussain Sajwani completed his studies from the top University of the United States, Washington University, where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering. After the completion of his studies, he joined Gasco and worked as a contracts manager for some time before starting Al Jazeera Services, a catering and support services firm. Read more about him: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

Al Jazeera Services continues to be the market leader in the field and till date manages more than 200 projects and serves 150,000 meals every day. The company is known to have served major clients such as Bechtel and U.S. Military. Even though Damac Properties is the primary source of income for Hussain Sajwani, he continues to look after the operations of Al Jazeera Services as well. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Hussain Sajwani shares close relationship with Donald Trump, present President of the United States. The two have worked together in the past in the real estate development sector, and their respective real estate firms continue to collaborate on many different projects.

Presently, two Golf course based residential complex are being developed by Damac owner in Dubai, and it is being constructed with the expert help of the Trump Organization.

Trump Organization is known to be the market leader in the field of developing golf courses and has developed scores of golf courses across the globe.

Hussain Sajwani family is also fond of Donald Trump and his family, and they are often seen spending time together at different international events. Hussain Sajwani continues to find new and innovative ways to boost the growth of his firm, Damac Properties.

A Sit Down with Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker has established himself as a notable figure in the application management services and technology industry. Some of the ventures that he has been involved with in the past include Vera Wang Fashion and NaviSite. After working for many years as a corporate executive, Arthur Becker quit the companies to establish ventures of his own. He is currently involved with a venture called Madison Partners where occupies the position of a managing partner. This new position puts him in the position to invest in the real estate in New York where he is the owner of several townhouses. Other than owning them, he has also built many townhouses for the residents of New York City and Miami. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Arthur Becker had been married to Vera Wang for 23 years. His involvement with Vera Wang fashion led him to develop interest in the real estate business. In an interview with, Arthur Becker discussed how things had started for him. He says that he developed interests in establishing a business for himself when working with Navisite where he was the chief executive officer. He established his first venture, Madison Partners in the year 2003 to focus on the real estate. He says that he makes his money by buying properties, renovating them and then selling them or leasing them. He says that it didn’t take him long to realize his first profit after he established his first venture. With the rising prospects and good rewards, he decided to rush into business instead of waiting.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker says that he has never doubted his abilities. He, however, says that for you to succeed in your line of business, you must understand every corner and turn that comes along the way. Among the tactic that he believes works is using experience in things you do today. He is also a fan of referrals when it comes to business. Asked about what he thinks made him successful, he says that it’s coming into the market at the right moment. Arthur Becker says that he has been inspired by business books that touch on the issue of real estate. He loves looking at new designs and trends in magazines and newspapers.  You can visit Inspirery to know more.

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Mike Heiligenstein’s Discussion at the Department of Transportaion Forum

A few years ago, Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director of Central Texas Mobility Authority, was interviewed for fifteen minutes when he was at the Texas Department of Transportation forum. The discussion was concerning the increasing infrastructure needs within the state. The questions centered around the lower usage of State Highway 130, the future of Texas toll roads, the congestion of the roads in Austin, and poor road conditions of Eagle Ford Shale. They asked Heiligenstein why highway 130 wasn’t being used more often and mentioned how Moody’s downgraded the highway’s credit rating twice because of the low usage. Another question is whether or not there is a case to be made concerning toll roads since several toll roads in recent years had low financial performance due to high gas prices and a weak economy. And the last question was whether or not toll roads can improve the road conditions in Eagle Ford Shale.


To answer those questions, Heiligenstein said the following: It’s not enough just to move vehicles to SH 130,but to also figure out strategies for changing the behavior of travel, add capacity, and to be multi-modal. He also stated Interstate 35 is almost unsolvable in regards to the next 20 years of the growing demand. As far as the toll roads go, they are not the only solution, and it’s not a debate anymore concerning the toll roads. Over $1 billion has been retrieved from public dollars into a program for construction. Nevertheless, many techniques as possible are needed. He also stated how county roads are not equipped to handle the demand and weight of trucks or machine and farm equipment; however, it’s possible to implement a system using toll-type tags so that trucks will be charged using the county roads. He also said that another possible option is to make a zone where a tax increment financing technique can be applied.


About Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


In addition to being the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, he is also on the boards of the Tunnel and Turnpike Association, and the Texas Transportation Institute. For 30 years, he served as a public official as a member of the Round Rock City Council and then as the Williamson County Commissioner. His educational achievements include him earning a bachelors degree in government from the University of Texas, and him earning his masters of business administration and masters of government from the University of Texas.


The Journey of Perseverance That Saw The EOS Lip Balm Rise To Command The Market

There was a time in history that getting a good lip balm was not a walk in the park. The shapes and flavors were limited and only drug stores and small supermarkets stocked the lip balms. It is only seven years ago that the market experienced a fresh feel. EOS lip balm was taking over the market by a storm. Big retails shops started stocking it and celebrities could be spotted flaunting the new found sensation. The product started gracing fashion and beauty magazine covers. That success did not happen overnight as the founders revealed.

Where It Started

Almost 10 years ago, Sanjiv Mehra who had previous experience with Unilever and PepsiCo joined forces with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, who had experience of growing startups to come up with a product that would revolutionize the beauty industry. After analyzing the market, they realized a gap in lip balms, and that’s how the EOS lip balm idea was birthed. They did a market research on potential consumers and took note on how they desired the lip balm to look and feel. Armed with the findings, they created the best brand that was tailor-made to meet the customers’ demands regarding shape, taste, smell, orbs color and packaging. The product also incorporated organic ingredients and priced it at $3 to compete with the existing brands. The final product was the lip balm that makes you smile as manifested in the tagline they picked.

Finding a Standing

Consumers were, however, skeptical in accepting the new product and so getting a place on the shelves was not easy. Due to the feminine design, male consumers shied off. Their luck came when a female buyer loved the product, Walmart, Ulta, Target and Kohls followed soon after. They also decided to invest in a production equipment and facility, which gave them a competitive edge. The brand turned out to be a household name in just seven years by using beauty bloggers, celebrities, social media, and strategic partnerships as marketing tools.


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New York Lawyers, Among Them Jeremy Goldstein, Are Now Easily Accessible Thanks to the New York State Bar Association

The search of a lawyer is necessitated by incidences marred by stress and a lot of pressure. It is the wish of any individual facing a legal process to get a helping hand in finding a qualified lawyer to handle the process. Luckily for New Yorkers in need of legal services, the New York State Bar Association recently extended that much-needed helping hand through its Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). In conjunction with, LRIS developed an online portal that helps New Yorker to access legal services from legal experts within the city easily.


Why the Portal Is Good For New Yorkers


The online portal is a reliable and confidential platform for acquiring legal services. The ideal thing about it is that all lawyers practicing under LRIS are all scrutinized and approved by the New York Bar Association; this assures clients of the lawyers’ credibility. Among the lawyers practicing under the bar association is Jeremy Goldstein., on the other hand, is a reputable tech company that has an impressive record of offering quality tech solutions to the New York legal industry.


About convenience, the online platform will be available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


How to Use the Portal


The portal is also very easy to use. Clients begin by filling a questionnaire that is readily available on Important details about the legal issue are all filled in the questionnaire. The state bar then goes through the questionnaire and after understanding the whole issue, clients are matched with the right lawyers qualified to handle their particular cases. Matching clients to lawyers is not a new thing for the state bar since it has been doing the same over the last three decades.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein currently practices under Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC where he is a partner. He has previously practiced under Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

Goldstein completed his legal course at the New York University School of Law in 1999.


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Let Your Hair Down WEN? Now

We all want a hair product that is simple, but efficient enough to cleanse our strands, but not make them too oily or too dry. Many women invest in their hair because it makes them feel beautiful and attractive. Having hair that is damaged and frizzy, makes you feel less confident and more prone to just pull it back.

Chaz Dean came up with a hair product that does the job you are looking for. Wen by Chaz Dean is a cleansing conditioner, that will act as your shampoo and conditioners (leave-in, deep conditioner) and even your detangler. This cleansing conditioner allows for your hair to be able to clean, without the harsh lather many shampoo’s do to strip excess oils from your hair. This five in one cleansing conditioner has many herbs and extracts that allows the hair to maintain managability, shine, and moisture. The end results of using Wens cleansing conditioner will be healthy, shiny, manageble, and bouncier hair. Hair that was damaged will begin to repair with use.

No poo shampoos, like the cleansing conditioner work with the hair in order to gently remove the dirt from hair, while also maintaining the ability to moisturize the hair. WEN Hair products do not contain harsh chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, which allows the product to foam and lather. By retaining moisture, there is the higher chance of length retention, making your hair able to grow longer. No matter the hair type or texture, wen does the job as efficiently as its described.

The Responsibility That Introverts Like Lori Senecal Show in Becoming Successful

One of the most important things for one to do is to market oneself. This is one of the best ways to become successful. An entrepreneur has shared on YouTube that to be able to put herself out there and showcase her talents as well as skills so that other people will be interested in what she could do for her. This would help her find opportunity that is well matched to her. This is something that Lori Senecal has managed to do. One of the reasons that this has turned out to be a wise course of action is that she has given people a choice in what they can look to for an answer to their needs.

While there are reasons to become successful, there are also methods in becoming successful. When people look to get themselves exposed, they have to look at all of the tools they have in bringing forth the success that they want in order to figure out a course of action. One thing that is important in moving forward is organization. This is the one factor that is influences whether or not one is going to be successful in her pursuits. This is especially important when reaching out and connecting with different people across social media.

Lori Senecal has shown that she knows how to be efficient and diligent in her efforts. This has impressed many people. Therefore, she has been chosen by some of the top companies in advertising. She has been involved in different companies for advertising. While she was working with the advertising companies, she has managed to change the structure for the better. The companies have managed to serve more clients and come up with better campaigns for the clients.

While advertising is an artistic type of career, Lori Senecal has found a rather systematic and organized way to do things. According to CrunchBase, she has shown an ability to think things through in a timely manner. Even with the faster and more efficient way of doing things, she has been able to come up with some of the more creative ads for clients that have been successful.

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