Article Title: Ara Chackerian, Investor in HealthCare Industry and Business Efforts

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Ara Chackerian is an investor in new companies. He received the role of manager for a company known as ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Capital Holdings is a company that invests funds within healthcare companies. This organization invests in companies when they are in their early stages of business.

Ara Chackerian is known as the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. TMS is an organization that sells and markets magnetic stimulation for depression. Before he worked for TMS Health Solutions, he fulfilled the role of serial investor for a number of companies. He invested in health services such as hospitals and psychiatric facilities. The companies he has been involved with include PipelineRx, EMC Diagnostics and Embion Links.

Chackerian is known as a board member for certain healthcare companies located in the San Francisco bay area. Some of the companies he has been involved with include PipelineRX, TMS Health Solutions, Mint Medical and many more. Ara Chackerian was asked about the inspiration for his idea in healthcare. They wanted to build out-patient centers for diagnostic centers in radiology treatment. They wanted to expand to Northern California as well as the surrounding areas. They believed this type of business model would be lucrative, profitable and generate a new type of success within the industry of healthcare. The goal was to bring a new device to the market that would be used depression treatment. The device is known as TMS. After a request from the manufacture of the device, the device was approved by the FDA.

Ara Chackerian became well-versed in the field of funds and fund investments for business. There are multiple business executives that are also involved in the medical industry. Ara Chackerian and his business partners revised their business plan in order to sell to the market and generate traction within business.

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