All About Logan Stout

     Logan Stout is an accomplished philanthropist, business owner, best selling author, leadership trainer, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He has been able to generate billions throughout his career, he has been able to gain credible track record on team building, leadership, and the success principles which not only helps him in driving his ventures but also makes him most sought especially after keynote speakers worldwide.

He is mostly venturing his business in health and wellness area. Since launching in 2014 of IDLife, LLC, it has grown exponentially together with the partners like Troy Aikman, a celebrity trainer Widerstrom and Darwin Deason the billionaire. They have been joined together by the recognized national authors and fitness ambassadors. They are aiming at educating people to know the health and wellness importance and also provide the high-quality nutritious products. IDlife was named in 2016 as one of the Solid Top MLM where it was ranked in top 100 companies in the world.

Logan Stout partnered with a motivational speaker John C. Maxwell where they were aiming to bring personal development and leadership training in 196 countries in the world. According to Maxwell, he says that Logan’s success will always speak for itself. People should read and implement what his books say because it will have added value to their life if they read, absorb and utilize the principles.

He also founded Dallas Patriots a baseball organization where the main focus is leading and mentoring the youth. It is among the world largest organization where the selected team’s ages between six through eighteen years. They are provided with world-class instructors and coaches. They train and mentor all graduates from Dallas Patriots and have been able to get an opportunity to play for colleges and mostly are picked by MLB yearly.

He has been making appearances on radio, television and live events. Many publications have featured him like Philadelphia Life Magazine, The New York Times, The Dallas Morning together with other various media outlets and prints.

Logan Stout is a family man and together with his partner, they have been blessed with two sons. They are currently residing in Frisco, Texas.