Gustavo Martinez shares success tips in the marketing and advertising sector

With more than 35 years of experience, Gustavo Martinez is one of the well-known global marketing and advertising consultants in the sector today.

He had had an admirable career record having served in several distinct positions throughout his career and finally ending up as an independent consultant. Gustavo was previously the CEO of the largest and most legendary international marketing firms, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Read more:  Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

He also worked at Olgilvy and Mather, the marketing industry’s two most venerable firms. He had spent some time at Henkel and Price Waterhouse before joining the two firms., a popular interview platform recently interview Gustavo Martinez on his career. In this interview, this international marketing consultant shared his success tips in the marketing and advertising sector.

Active listening and bringing ideas to life

Gustavo Martinez pointed out during this interview that two of the most vital success factors in his career have been active listening and being able to bring ideas to life perfectly. He went ahead to state that creativity was the most crucial asset in this field.

For a marketing and advertising campaign to have the maximum impact, it should be creative enough to stand out to consumers. This international consultant said that having an excellent team to work with is essential at this point. The team should be comprised of individuals of different experience levels, expertise and also abilities.

The international marketing and advertising consultant stated during this interview that as a team leader, active listening would play an important role here, he advised the professionals in the sector to be good active listeners and give weight to their team member suggestion no matter how insignificant the suggestions may look. Gustavo Martinez added that from his experience, the most exciting ideas could come from the most unlikely individuals.

Without being a good active listener, such brilliant ideas are likes to pass you. Gustavo went on to say that when it comes to bringing ideas to life, this well-composed team will also be very crucial. You will have to be an excellent leader to inspire and motivate your team to do their best when it comes to bringing ideas to life if you are looking to be successful.

Be eager to learn

In this interview with, Gustavo Martinez advised professionals in the marketing and advertising sectors to always be eager to learn.

He went on to state that throughout his career he has always been keen to learn from all kinds of talented people and what he had learned had played a role in his success. Gustavo also advised the professionals in the sector to always be on the lookout for emerging trends in the industry as this will put them ahead of their competition.

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