Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

Troy McQuagge is recognized as one of the best business leaders of all times. This is because he has a successful record of managing companies from the level of startups to the multi-million corporation levels. Most of the companies Troy McQuagge has served in the past are still working to this day. Therefore, no one would question his management and leadership capabilities towards developing a fast income economy in the country. Because of his success in leading companies to success levels, Troy McQuagge is one of the most sought business leaders who has gained success for the longest period.

Troy McQuagge has also been recognized internationally by major news corporations as a brilliant business entity who is result-oriented. According to Troy McQuagge, he believes that a company can only succeed in business if it has the best leaders who are willing to do everything to see it succeed. Some of the few things, yet the most imperative, are business strategies a good leader develops for his company. Perhaps this is the reason why Troy McQuagge is recognized as one of the best business leaders. Troy McQuagge also advises that one must study the business before he recommends better resolutions to foster growth. He also acknowledges that his success emanates from his capability to find a market gap that would be filed with the correct entrepreneurship skills. For a leader to succeed in business, they must be equipped with massive incorporations that will sustain their business capabilities for a future growth analysis.

Troy McQuagge is the Current President and CEO of the United States Health Group Company that works for the better business in the health industry. The United States Health Group Company solves most of the health issues for most of its clients when it comes to comparative analysis in the health insurance policies. Troy McQuagge has issued massive growth projections for the industry following the introduction of the Obama Care. For this reason, his entrepreneurial skills have been adopted on a massive scale in the world of business and solutions. Troy McQuagge has also been recognized as the CEO of the Year by the Plane Awards Company based in the United States. Follow:

The Planet Awards is one of the few companies that strive towards adopting a better business strategy for by recognizing the CEOs from all parts of the world. The Planet Awards also recognizes the CEOs who have made a difference in the industry through better leadership skills. The company accepts applications from all parts of the world for those who will be recognized for the next generation of business and leadership skills. Few people in the industry have amassed a great amount of wealth through business capacitance. Troy McQuagge is one of the few.

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Oncotarget Promotes Scientific Research

For readers who have not yet heard of the peer-reviewed magazine, Oncotarget is a weekly publication. Oncotarget publishes the results of many scientific research projects on not only oncology but also other subjects having to do with medicine. Oncotarget’s parent publication is Impact Journals.

The publication put out its premiere piece roughly seven years ago. The magazine has since shared literally thousands of insightful articles. They are all in English. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

This is due in part because the editorial staff knows that a major portion of the population of the world is able to read English. The publication is officially considered to be an “open-access journal.” basically, any scientist or research team who is interested has a chance to use the publication.

Internet sources indicated that the men who launched Oncotarget are not only qualified but also talented, and dedicated. They reportedly have a noteworthy research record as well. Oncotarget is managed by their two chief editors professors Mikhail Blagoskloklonny and Andre V. Gudkov. The publication’s team works to make certain that each article in the magazine is informative and meets the publication’s high standards of quality.


The journal’s co-editors are popular and reputable professors at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute found in Buffalo, New York. Gudkov has conducted important research in the field of cancer therapy including molecular targets and medicinal discoveries. Blagosklonny wrote over 250 different papers published in several peer-reviewed journals.

During the publication’s first year of existence, it garnered an impact factor (IF) of 4.78 and was read by people in almost 500 cities. For a new publication like this, these were impressive numbers.

One year later, the journal was in 1450 cities with a 6.636 IF. The publication was officially noted to have the “highest impact factor” of 6.727 in the year 2013. Soon the publication would be read in approximately 4,000 cities. Additionally, the peer-reviewed journal has upped its circulation to include over 30,000 cities. Overall, the general public reception of the Oncotarget journal has actually multiplied by just about 100 times during the short time it has been in publication. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

Tips For Finding an Ideal FreedomLife Insurance Plan

There are some tips that insurance experts recommend for finding an ideal life insurance plan. First, it is imperative to select the right company. Individuals that choose Freedom Life Insurance for their policy needs often discover that these agents have a wealth of insurance information to share. Freedom Life, and more insurance providers, strive to educate the public on basic life insurance necessities. These specialists are able to translate the complicated insurance lingo into understandable language that a person can learn from. Basically, there are two predominate forms of life insurance. Most companies have permanent and/or term life insurance offered options.

The prospective policyholder can save frustration by listing their insurance questions to ask when meeting a chosen insurance agent. People friendly insurance companies, that includes Freedom Life Insurance, are only too happy when giving their recommendations. These resourceful professionals can sort out the seemingly complex calculations helpful when determining which type of insurance to get. Some things to consider are budget limits, time length for intended coverage, beneficiary information, age of policyholder and his/her dependents, medical needs and other information. With a qualified agent, a plan that fits each client’s unique needs can be decided upon.

For those individuals that have lower incomes, buying term life policies may just fit the situation. Sometimes people going to college will take out these short term policies to enable life insurance coverage at very affordable costs. Later, these individuals can purchase a permanent plan. Companies like Freedom Life Insurance very often structure customized insurance plans to change with the policyholders expected lifestyle changes. Whatever the insurance decision, deal with insurance agents trained to get consumers the style of policy most certain to meet needs with appropriate coverage amounts and time specifications. Freedom Life has benefits that outweigh what most other insurance companies promise.

The organization of affairs is a good way to prepare for the future. Obtaining a valuable life insurance policy is a terrific first step on this journey. Taking care of loved ones is a relief. An ideal life insurance plan protects beneficiaries against needless financial struggles later. Read more:


The Kate Hudson Effect At Fabletics

Fabletics an all-inclusive fashion e-commerce firm that has grown from obscurity into a household name in the United States. From the time it was founded in 2013, Fabletics has surprised many by morphing into Amazon’s biggest competitor. Activewear is a fad that is gaining a lot of traction in the United States and the world over. Many women prefer active wear compared to formal because of its versatility. It can be worn to the gym as well as the modern workplace. Through digital platforms, Fabletics has managed to overcome supply bottlenecks and those that arise when managing an inventory as diverse as that one of a fashion company. The brains behind Fabletics are three self-driven entrepreneurs who’ve conquered all odds in a field that was initially considered an Amazon specialty.


Fabletics has deployed some strategies to ensure that it disrupts the fashion industry as we know it. The company understands that in connected environment peer reviews are the make or break of business. Fabletics relies on the reports of its customers to provide feedback or even better the quality of their apparels. Another strategy that has worked for the firm is the merger of physical stores and e-commerce. A customer of Fabletics can walk into any of its stores in the US, try some of the clothes that are available on the racks and make an online purchase at a time of their convenience. Fabletics is one of the few fashion labels that have posted excellent financial results since they were founded. Analysts estimate that the annual growth of Fabletics is at 35 percent.


Customer feedback has played an integral role in ensuring that the products of Fabletics are aligned with the needs of the customers. The brand has leveraged big data and other digital technologies to ensure that they provide solutions that work for each customer. Fashion e-commerce is expected to dominate the broader fashion industry, and players such as Amazon and Fabletics are expected to reap significantly.


Kate Hudson has played a primary role in the growth of Fabletics. The entrepreneur relies on her name, which she created in the film industry to increase the customer base of the firm. She co-founded the business with two other entrepreneurs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. While undertaking her managerial role at Fabletics, Kate Hudson has ensured that the company doesn’t lose its touch with the customers.