Securus Technologies and the Battle on Drugs in Prison

When you have inmates telling you that they can easily get drugs inside the jail, then the prison as a whole is failing. Drugs might seem like only recreational in nature, but the truth is they put the lives of officers, inmates, staff, and visitors, in harm’s way. To battle the war on drugs inside our jail, me and my fellow officers have a few different resources we will use each day to clean up the problem.


Each day we will set up inside the visitor center and search each inmate and guest during their time together. This is the most likely place where things will change hands, so we have to really step up our efforts here. If we can stop the flow of drugs at this choke point, then it is less likely the inmates will have the ability to use, sell, and buy drugs in the jail. We will even do surprise cell inspections to try and locate any of the drugs that still slipped into the hands of the inmates that they are hiding from my team.


When Securus Technologies installed their call monitoring system inside our prison, it became the top resource we have in the battle on stopping the flow of drugs in the jail. This company has one objective, making the world a little safer place to life. We trust them because CEO Richard Smith says all 1,000 of his employees are dedicated to that objective, making those 2,600 units in jails around the country operate perfectly.


Now when we get alerts from the LBS software, we can identify where inmates are hiding drugs in their cells, who is bringing them drugs to the prison, and which inmates are being forced to sell drugs for gangs to other inmates. In each case, we take swift action.


Scott Rocklag’s Career At 5AM Ventures & Notable Achievements

Scott Rocklage is a doctor with extensive experience in the healthcare management industry. In fact, he has over 30 years of experience. Below is more information about his career at 4AM Ventures, and elsewhere. Information about his education and achievements will also be discussed.

Scott Rocklage’s Career

Rocklage serves as a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures. He has held the position since 2004, and prior to that he was the company’s Venture Partner. He served as Venture Partner for a year. Prior to becoming a partner at 5AM Ventures, Rocklage was the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was also the CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

He sits on several boards of prominent companies such as Kinestral, Rennovia and Cidara. Other boards he sits on includes Pulmatrix and Epirus. In the past, he has sat on Novira’s board and Relypsa’s board.


Rocklage attended college at the University of California. He earned his bachelor’s in chemistry, as well as his Ph.D in chemistry from MIT. He also worked under the guidance of Richard Schrock. Rocklage conducted research in Schrock’s laboratory.

Notable Achievements

He has invented or co-invented dozens of patents in the United States. Not only that, but he has over 50 peer-reviewed publications. He has also played a role in the approval of three new drug applications in the United States.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has done a great job at 5AM Ventures, as well as at the other companies he has worked for. As you can see, he is highly educated and is a smart businessman and worker.

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A Look At Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball Skills

In June of 2017, Sawyer Howitt graduated from high school. One of his favorite sports is racquetball and he was a big part of his high school’s racquetball team.

While he was in high school, and over the rest of the summer of 2017, he also plays at The Racquet Club Portland. This location brings in people from across the region who want to play others with a lot of talent.

Most of the games that Sawyer Howitt plays are men’s singles matches. However, he does have experience playing men’s doubles as well as mixed doubles. His skill has taken him to the Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships where he did well but ultimately lost before reaching the finals. He is set to attend Columbia University in New York City where he will likely be paired against some of the best players in the country. His experiences playing against the best players in Oregon has really helped him push his game to an elevated level which will well prepare him for New York City.


When Sawyer isn’t playing racquetball he is often thinking about it. He operates a blog dedicated to the sport of racquetball. As he is also technologically advanced he sometimes runs comparisons between different equipment and players using Excel to analyze the data.

One part of racquetball that Sawyer Howitt recently crunched the numbers on was the rating of racquets. One of the things his analysis noted was that, on average, Gearbox is the best in the business when it comes to racquets. He also found that, on average, Wilson makes the worst racquets despite being one of the biggest names in the industry. However, he found that all was not lost for Wilson as the says their new Wilson Pro Staff is, by his numbers, the best new racquet to be released in a few years.

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Human, Civil and Migrant Rights Advocacy Groups

People possess fundamental rights that deserve respect at all times. In some rare circumstances, there is an infringement of such rights. As a result, it is necessary to protect the fundamental human, civil and migrant rights to boost a peaceful coexistence in our communities. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

There is an advocacy team whose role entails giving a voice and reason to the individuals who have gone through exploitation. Apart from demanding accountability from the factions that bring oppressions through the evil acts they perpetrate, they also require action taken against them.

To the people whose love and dignity is under threat, they have a reason to smile since various countries in the world have stood firm to defend their rights. Even though oppressors tried to evade the long arm of the government that is trailing them, they hardly get away with their criminal activities. Many thanks to the stable governing laws for offering maximum protection.

Humanitarian groups have emerged to assist in championing for civil, human and migrant rights in the globe. The organizations have pursued a rigorous exercise that requires planned and objective investigation to defend and maintain actions that fight against ill-treatment of human beings.

One of the famous groups is the South Texas’s Human Rights Center whose locality of operation is among the local communities. The organization protects and defends human rights and dignity through working closely with various community initiatives. Besides, they have collectively and successfully brought to an end the deaths and afflictions around the Mexican and Texas border.

Another favorite group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. It comprises the founding partners of Village Voice Media and Phoenix Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The duo made huge strides in support for migrant rights institutions. They raised a payment total of $3.75 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were under accusations of having revealed the presence of a panel of judges proceedings that relied on reporters articles in covering the Maricopa County Sheriff. The two were taken from their places of residence in the middle of the night and put in custody.

An additional group that is very active in advocating for human, civil and migrant rights is the American Friends Service Committee. The organization is known for its support in the development of groups with the same interests as theirs. They function while being guided by the goal of bringing the voice of concern among the immigrant communities.

Additionally, AFSC has managed to introduce theoretical and fruitful discussions that aim at uplifting civil and migrant rights to different levels of state such as the local to national level.

One more organization is the Border Network for Human Right based in the United States of America. The group is among the leading human rights and reforms advocacy around the globe. The organization success can be attributed to the effective leadership from the top level to the lowest level. Besides, Border Network for Human rights group is presently educating various elected government officials on matters concerning the border societies.

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Success Academy – Foundation of Charter School Movement

The Success Academy is really making great strides. They have won a prestigious award, and they are starting an online platform that provides their literacy curriculum ranging from kindergarten to the fourth grade.


They won the 2017 Broad Prize from The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation. They were one of three finalists.


The Foundation of the Charter School Movement


With Success Academy’s online platform, it reaches the heart of the matter that is the founding principles of the charter school movement over 25 years ago. The founding principle of the charter school network is to use approaches to education and share the learned lessons with the community of broader education. Their focus has also been on improving student literacy which is the foundation of their success.


More Details about the New Online Platform


Their new site consists of planning templates, how to videos, specific lesson plans, and book recommendations. The lesson plans are presented step by step, and they are started with the THINK Literacy curriculum of the network. Additionally, the Education Institute is made to house the Success Academy curricula eventually in math, humanities, and science.


Teachers will be introduced throughout the country to the their mantra. They are also planning to open a facility for teacher training in the fall at the Hudson Yards in Manhattan. They will also be a students’ lab school ranging from kindergarten through the eighth grade at the Hudson Yards in the fall. Also, around 15,000 educators throughout the country have already received emails promoting this new online platform.


The Current Demographics of Success Academy


Out of 14,000 students, 76 percent of them come from low income households. Also, 93 percent of their students are Hispanic or African-American. On the other hand, their elementary and middle level schools ranked among the the highest 10 percent of campuses throughout the state for English, science, and math tests last year.

How Richard Blair is Helping Investors

Wealth Solutions is a reputable investment advisory firm that is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has been in the market for a while, and it operates as one of the Registered Investment Advisory companies in the country. The private corporation provides its clients with tip services that allow them to grow financially. Wealth Solutions also ensures that the client and their assets are protected at all times. Richard Blair is the founder and chief executive officer of Wealth Solutions. He is highly experienced and also qualified to handle all the complex demands of his customers. Learn more:


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions follows a unique financial planning process to make his customers grow. The respectable investment manager understands that all the investors need a great plan that will enable them to pursue to accomplish their financial goals. The businessman has worked hard to arm Texas, Austin and other communities with the wealth management solutions and retirement solutions they need.


Wealth Solutions has developed a unique three pillar approach to accomplish its mission. The method allows the successful company to discover the financial situations of the clients and the retirement needs they have. This makes it easier to come up with the holistic plan that is customized for the needs of the client. Learn more:


The first pillar at Wealth Solutions is designed to assist the customer in laying their financial roadmap. The pillar will help in identifying the customer goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. When the company understands where the consumer is coming from, it becomes easy to help them create a perfect financial roadmap to follow in their journey.


The second pillar is used correctly to come up with the long-term strategy that will meet all the investment needs of the consumer. The pillar is designed according to the customer liquidity requirements, not forgetting their investment goals. Richard Blair ensures that he reallocates and also manages the assets of his clients so that he can come up with a maximum performance when the market is stable.


The final pillar is fundamental in the whole process. When Richard and his team realize the goals of the client and establish the strategies they need to achieve them, it is time to meet the insurance needs. This is basically the long-term care, insurance and annuities connected to the investment.


Richard Blair and his firm are transforming the lives of many investors in the country. By offering financial services and advice to small businesses, individuals and families, Richard Blair ensures that the dream of his clients is achieved.

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Jim Tananbaum Contributes towards Mindstrong’s Objective Method of Treating Mental Disorders

Mindstrong Health, a firm using smartphones to diagnose and treat brain disorders has raised $14 million in Serie-A funding. The amount was raised from several organizations including Foresite Capita, Optum Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Berggruen Holdings, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund.

According to the founder and CEO of Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagum, this technology holds a great potential of revolutionizing mental health treatment procedures. Dagum stated that the mental health sector had been left behind as diagnosis and treatment in other health related fields are objective and not subjective like for the case of mental disorders. He further stated that the only way to improve mental health treatment and diagnosis could be through the introduction of objective measures similar to other diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

On his side, Foresite Capital CEO and managing director, Jim Tananbaum praised Mindstrong Health for developing this cutting-edge technology, which represents a breakthrough for patients with cognitive health disorders.

What You Need to Know about Mindstrong’s Platform

Mindstrong Health platform helps in monitoring interaction on smartphones to support neuropsychiatric treatment. The platform utilizes patients’ patterns of typing and scrolling on a Smartphone to gauge brain functioning. Through typing and scrolling, information about mood, processing speed, function and memory among other cognition biomarkers can be obtained. Visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum in Brief

Jim Tanabaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Management. Over his career, Jim has successfully led over 21 healthcare firms including Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Over the years, Tanabaum has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills in start-ups, venture capital, and biotechnology. Recently, Jim was named by Forbes in the 2017 Midas List of top 100 venture capital investors. Under his leadership, Foresite Capital Management has established the best practices of investing in healthcare.

To achieve such a spectacular milestone, one should have a rich educational background, and Dr. Tanabaum is no exceptional. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science from Yale University. He later earned a master’s degree in information theory from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jim then joined Harvard University where he received a doctor of medicine degree and later an MBA from the same university.

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Mike Heiligenstein’s Way of Handling Traffic Congestion in Austin

Mike Heiligenstein is one of the renowned administrators in the Texas region. He was once the county commissioner of the Williamson County. Mr. Heiligenstein schooled at the University of Texas where he completed his undergraduate and the master’s degrees. He has been an employee of the Central Texas Region Mobility Authority since 2003 when he was hired to be the executive director. Mike still leads the company and has assisted it in bettering the roads in Texas. CTRMA is one of the government-owned firms in the region, and it is devoted to improving the road networks in Williamson and Travis counties.


Heiligenstein wrote an opinion article in the Statesman to discuss how the population of Austin increases each year and its impact on traffic congestion in Austin. CTRMA has been utilizing top-notch civil engineering techniques in bettering the state of highways in the region. It has completed lanes that are used by pedestrians and cyclists in different places that they were not available.


Various roads that are in the Travis and Williamson counties have been modernized by CTRMA. The organization headed the construction of the 183A toll road, which has significantly bettered mobility between Leander and Cedar Park. It also assisted in reducing traffic congestion between Austin and Manor by completing the U.S 290 toll road. The highway is wider than the non-toll roads, and it can be used by about thrice the number of vehicles that the other roads can accommodate. Another success of the Mobility Authority is the improvement of the MoPac Express Lanes. The latest technology has been utilized by CTRMA in the completion of the highway. One of the amazing innovations that have been used on the roads is the fiber lines that can detect traffic offenders.


CTRMA has also been working with private organizations to address the traffic congestion issue. It has been working closely with Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization so as to make the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) a success. HERO’s primary role is to offer mechanical support to motorists whose vehicles break down on the main highways. The firm has also been promoting ride sharing by collaborating with Carma, which a popular carpooling application. CTRMA worked with Metropolia in developing software that offers traffic updates to road users. The mobile application is very effective since its connected to the area’s traffic management program. CTRMA is devoted to being innovative in all it projects.


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