How Hussein Sajwani’s Damac Group Became a Success



Hussein Sajwani was born in the year 1956 in United Arabs Emirates (U.A.E). He attended Washington University and pursued a degree in Economics. After school, Sajwani got employed as a contract manager at GASCO a subsidiary company of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). After working for GASCO for a period, Sajwani decided to start his company in the year 1982. The company was registered under the name Draieh Management Services Co LLC. Later, the company was renamed to DAMAC group.


Damac Properties


In the year 2002, the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to own properties in the country. Sajwani took this advantage and founded DAMAC properties. The company dealt with real estate businesses, and it turned out to be successful. In fact, within the first six months, the company had managed to make a sale 38-story residential building. Damac Properties concentrated on the resale of land in the undeveloped parts of Dubai.




Today, Damac has teamed up with several luxury companies including Fendi, Versace to come up with the best apartment’s designs. The company also teamed up with United States President Donald Trump to come up with one of the most exclusive golf course in Dubai. He has been collaborating with various foreigners to help them make investments in Dubai.


Marketing tactics have helped Damac properties to get the success it has now. The company is famous for giving out a luxury car i.e. a Lamborghini, Bentley or a Ferrari to its clients with every purchase. Sajwani has also worked in the food service business and attracted lots of big clients such as U.S military and Bechtel, a giant construction company.




Damac Group is one of the most exclusive companies in Dubai. It is also one of the fastest growing and high profit yielding companies in the country. It was founded following a government policy to allow foreigners to own properties in the country. The company has worked with some companies to design and develop high-end buildings which have helped to build a better face of the country in the world. Sajwani’s career has been successful, and he was ranked 527th richest man in the world by Forbes 2016.

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Nathaniel Ru, Mr. Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru was just a regular student at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C., trying to find a good and healthy place to eat. Fast forward six years and he is now the founder of Sweetgreen, a healthy restaurant chain offering farm to table locally grown salads.


Mr. Ru runs a down to earth company that caters and listens to its customers and its employees. This recipe for running a business is proving successful. It has always been about more than salads for Nathaniel Ru.


In each of the 21 Sweetgreen kitchens you will find the way each member on the Sweetgreen team filters any decision. First is the idea that the customer, community, and the company all have a stake in Sweetgreen. Each one helps and promotes the other, in turn creating momentum throughout each. This is listed as win, win, win on the value’s board. Next up is the fact that at Sweetgreen, all decisions are to be for the long term. In the words of Mr. Ru, “Everything you do should last longer than you.” Thinking long term helps everyone involved and promotes better decisions. Third on the list is to keep it real. From employees to where he buys his vegetables, authenticity and quality are key. Next to last is adding the sweet to Sweetgreen. The employees treat the customers and business associates like they want to be treated. This idea of giving 110% in every circumstance makes people feel good about eating there and creates a positive experience.  Nothing but good can come from treating others well and being helpful. Last on the board of values is togetherness. Every restaurant is a team that works together and help each other. They like what they do and why they do it, which is how Sweetgreen and Nathaniel Ru are making an impact everywhere they open a new and unique store.


Ru believes each of his stores strive to live up to the 5 core company values listed above. By always serving the community, keeping it all down to earth, and treating customers, employees, and associates well, this salad mixture is sure to grow even more.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping, the Entertainment Hub

Joao Pessoa, a northeastern city in Brazil, is a famous city for its hospitality, rich cuisine, and beautiful beaches with unmatched sunsets enlightening the city. It is also the home to Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, the largest mall in the city owned by Roberto Santiago. The mall has been applying measures to help strengthen their relationship with the customers. Offering entertainment services on to the clients is one of the steps the mall has adopted to help them achieve this desire.

Entertainment Venues

Roberto Santiago, the owner of this mall, designed this place focusing on fun and entertainment as the key trademarks for the business. The mall features eleven, well-equipped rooms with modern entertainment equipment on There are also VIP and 3D rooms with seats arranged in a stadium concept system. The concept gives a wider visibility to the customers.

In the mall is a bar which is richly equipped with goodies such as gourmet popcorn, candy, and drinks that help meet the needs of their customers.

Amusement Park and Physical Fitness Area

With a generation that loves gaming, Roberto Santiago Mnaira Shopping has a dedicated 1800 square meters room that is filled with gaming station. The room, also known as the amusement park, has an entirely electronic bowling lane and over 200 dedicated gaming machines.

The well-panned design also includes a gym and shows that make the clients fully entertained. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall concept offers a variety of entertainment options under one roof has enabled them to strengthen their relationship with their clients. It has also allowed the Santiago Mariana shopping mall be in a position to offer what the other main malls country wide are offering customers on

Other entertainment spaces within the mall include a gourmet area which is a perfect location for anyone longing to spend some peaceful time with their loved ones. There are some mouthwatering dishes served in the gourmet. On the rooftop of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is Domus Hall, one of the largest concert halls in entire Joao Pessoa.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a 58 years old Brazilian entrepreneur who started his career journey at Café Santa Rosa. He began his cartonnage company that deals with manufacturing of decorative utilitarian objects while still working at Santa Rosa. He currently owns Santiago Mariana shopping mall, which is the largest in Joao Pessoa, and Manaira Shopping mall.

He schooled at Pio X-Marist College and pursued his degree in Business Administration at University Center of Joao Pessoa. He loves sports and has collected several trophies in kart and motocross championships.

Helane Morrison: A Bold Leader

In many industries, the best way to succeed is by being bold and confident. This is especially important in the industry of compliance officers. Helane Morrison is one of the people that are very bold in their pursuits for justice. Helane is a compliance officer who has led an impressive career as a compliance officer. She has worked passionately in her field in order to make a significant difference. Among the places she has worked is SEC. She has risen to positions of leadership due to her impressive work ethic.


Helane Morrison has learned to appreciate and fight for the rights of people. She has received a lot of mentoring from various people. One mentor that has stood out to her is Harry A. Blackmunn. Harry has faced a lot of opposition in his field when fighting for the rights of women. He has shown that this field can be vicious when it comes to human rights. This has prepared Helane Morrison for the career that she has taken on. Among the things that she has developed is a thick skin which is needed in order to stand up to corruption in different institutions.


Helane shares this passion as well. Her impressive career has gained her a spot in one of the leadership positions at Hall Capital. She was one of the people who have taken on all of the institutions that were involved in unethical handling of affairs back when they have been exposed in the 2007/08 economic downturn. When others didn’t know how to proceed, Helane proceeded with confidence in order to tackle the issue.


Capital Group’s Stellar New Chairman

The Capital Group is one of the world’s leading investment management firms and home of the American Funds. In July of 2015, the Capital Group’s Board of Directors elected Tim Armour as the new Chairman of the Capital Group. At the time, Tim was Chairman of Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management company. This change in management had been planned for awhile and was finalized after the passing of the former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg.

Tim Armour graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He then started his career in the Associates Program at Capital Group. He has gone on to have a 33+ year career at Capital Group. Staying at one company for so many years is almost unheard of these days. In his thirty-three years of investment experience at Capital Group, he has been an equity portfolio manager and an equity investment analyst where he covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies.

Many people place their money in index funds, that passively just try and match the market’s returns. Tim Armour believes that an actively managed fund can bring investors higher and better returns, but that the managers of those funds must earn their keep. An active manager can look for value in places to help investors find and achieve better than market average returns over a long period of time. In turbulent markets, those active managers can guide their funds and investors to success in finding the value in a down market.

Active managers must spend their time researching companies. Tim believes they should be doing an in-depth analysis of each company they are considering or are invested in, and recognize each company’s future prospects for making money for their investors. They should be meeting with experts in the areas of expertise those companies to determine what the future of that field is. A financial analysis needs to be done to understand the risk and rewards trade-off for each company they are invested in.

Doing better than the markets in good and bad times, and protecting your investors from the downside, is a critical part of an active manager’s job. An active portfolio manager must earn their keep by giving their investors better than average market returns. They need to be doing their research and giving their investors a reason to keep paying them the fees for their services.

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