Anthony Petrello General and Philanthropic Contributions

Tony Petrello is currently known as the Chief Executive Officer, President as well as the chairman of the Nabors Industries Limited. His position in this company is a big deal because the Nabors Company is in one of the most profitable businesses there are, the oil business. The Nabors Company more specifically deals in contract oil drilling and other field oil services, with five hundred active oil rigs in twenty-five countries. Anthony Petrello ranks among the highest paid bosses in America. However, Petrello did not simply happen to his current position on Bloomberg; rather there was a figurative ladder that he had to rise to, to get to his position.

Petrello’s Background before Nabors
Anthony Petrello or Tony Petrello as referred to by his colleagues among others has quite the resume with regards to his educational background. Tony holds a Juris Doctor Degree from the Harvard Law School. That is not all; he also has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters’ degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Tony joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979, where he specialized in dealing with taxation, international arbitration, and corporate law on

Anthony Petrello’s Rise in Nabors Industries
Tony landed on the Nabors’ board of directors straight from his joining of the company in 1991, his specialization in corporate taxes in his previous job at the Baker & McKenzie law firm had an influence in getting him into that position. He got elected to the Executive Committee of the Board in the same year, where he has served as the Chief Operating Officer and President until 2011. From 2011 he became the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the board from 2012 of the Nabors Company to date. In addition to his titles, Tony Petrello is charged with the responsibility to provide the Nabors Company with strategic planning initiatives that give the Company direction and enable it to be an adaptive and competitive Company in a dynamic market. This role he has succeeded in because since Tony became CEO of Nabors’ share price has upped to 180%.

Anthony Petrello’s Other Commitments
Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello have an eight-year-old daughter, Carena Petrello who was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PLV) at This condition that Carena was born with is a common neurological disease that attacks premature infants. It entails the lack of blood flow to the brain, which for Carena has resulted into chronically impaired motor skills, as well as other developmental delay problems. The condition of their daughter has made the Petrellos devoted to finding answers, so much so that they have made donations of five million dollars with a total commitment of seven million dollars to fund the research of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute to help their daughter and others like her. Anthony Petrello is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Financial Guru: One Russian Entrepreneur’s Unique Story

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the biggest financial gurus in the United States. He has created and worked with dozens of companies all over the United States. He also has a very extensive education background. He is from Russia, where he originally started to build his profound career from there.

Alexei Beltyukov has formed various businesses throughout his career. He has founded Endemic Capital and A-Ventures Ltd while he has helped create the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. He is also currently working for the Russian government to help the citizens of Russia with the Skolkovo Foundation. As you can see, he is very dedicated to helping upcoming Russia entrepreneurs.

The successful financial guru went to INSEAD back in the late 1990’s to study business. He graduated from the program in 1997 with a Master of Business Administration degree. Back in the late 1980’s, the successful businessman started to study internal medicine where he later graduated with a Doctor of Medicine’s degree in 1994.

The entrepreneur has been very involved with the social media community. The entrepreneur has accounts on both Twitter and Facebook where he regularly posts updates about various topics and shares his opinions on the platforms.

Throughout the years, the businessman has been featured in many media outlets since the start of his successful career. His success is well known around the world as he has joined various companies to work with. He is currently working with New Gas Technologies, Foro Energy, and Moscow Exchange.

Alexei Beltyukov has a wide variety of skills and he is fluent in the Russian, English, and French languages. He has experience with emerging markets, private equity, venture capital, start-ups, business development, management, financial analysis, investment banking, and dozens of others. He continues to learn each and every day and he sometimes continues his education to strengthen his skills so that he can continue to perform to his excellent standards.

Madison Street Capital Continues to Develop Strong Reputation

While the investment banking and mergers and acquisitions industries can be very challenging for new firms to enter and succeed in, one Chicago-based firm has successfully become one of the most reputable firms in the industry in the ten years since its formation. Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment banking firm that has only about ten years of operating experience, but is already regarded as one of the top boutique firms in its industry.


Madison Street Capital currently provides a number of different services to its clients. The company is best known for its Mergers and Acquisitions department, which is able to compete for major deals with all other firms in the industry. The company can also provide other services to individuals and businesses including wealth and tax planning services, capital raising for businesses looking to expand and further develop, and provide a number of different valuation services.


These employees, which have significant market knowledge and a high level of client dedication, have allowed Madison Street to provide excellent service to their clients.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is especially apparent when it comes to recognition that it has received from its peer group and industry leaders. Earlier this year, at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital was nominated for two of the most prestigious awards. These awards included the Deal of the Year Award and the Firm of the Year Award, which are regarded as the two most significant awards that are given out at the event every year. The Deal of the Year Award was specifically related to a major acquisition completed by Dowco, a client of Madison Street Capital that has been able to expand thanks to Madison’s services.